Premium Africana Ebony with Camel Ivory Accents


  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE—If the main string ever breaks (don't bet on it!), we will replace your set free.
  • HANDCRAFTED- These are not mass manufactured. These premium Islamic prayer beads are hand-crafted by master artisans.
  • RARE LUXURIOUS AFRICAN TASSELS- This set has rare luxurious African tasseling, an intricate art that takes hours of hand-threading to complete. This is an endangered art, as there are only a few artisans in the word that have mastered this skill.
  • EXTRA DURABLE—Islamic Prayer Beads should never be disposable. This Item will be your companion for life and we hope you'll pass them on to your kids!
  • PRACTICAL SIZE— This set is small enough be taken everywhere (8mm) yet large enough to be conducive to deep reflection. This will be your go to set!
  • PERFECT ISLAMIC GIFT— Islamic prayer beads are the ultimate gift. That's why all this set comes in a gorgeous handmade giftbox. Lucky be the one who crosses your mind as you read this!

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